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Gov’t launches criminal probe in peanut recall

Responding to reports of shoddy sanitation practices and inspections, federal health officials have opened a criminal investigation into the Georgia peanut-processing plant at the center of the national salmonella outbreak. Officials say Peanut Corp. of America sold tainted peanut products to food makers. At least 529 people have been sickened as a result of the outbreak, and at least eight may have died because of it. More than 430 products have been recalled.

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Peanut company recalls all of its products

The Peanut Corp. of America has recalled all peanuts and peanut products processed at its Blakely, Ga., facility since Jan. 1, 2007. Previously, PCA announced a recall of only peanut butter and peanut paste. The Georgia PCA plant, which sells its products to institutional and industrial users for service in large institutions or for further processing by other companies, has been identified as the source of a Salmonella outbreak that has resulted in the death of eight people and more than 500 cases of illness. PCA does not sell peanuts or peanut products directly to consumers in stores.

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KV Pharmaceutical to recall most products

Shares of KV Pharmaceutical plummeted to an all-time low Monday morning after the company said it would recall most of its products and halted its manufacturing and shipping operations. The announcement followed two product recalls in November and December linked to oversize tablets, including painkillers and attention-deficit disorder drugs, which could deliver dangerously large doses.

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FDA: 125-plus products recalled in peanut outbreak

125-plus products recalled in peanut outbreakMore than 125 products have been recalled in a salmonella-and-peanuts investigation that keeps getting bigger, federal health officials said Wednesday. The list ranges from goodies like cookies and ice cream to energy bars. Even food for pooches may not be entirely safe, with a national company recalling some of its dog treats.

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FDA: ‘Postpone’ eating foods containing peanut butter

‘Postpone’ eating foods containing peanut butterThe Food and Drug Administration says Americans should “postpone” eating cookies, crackers, candy and ice cream that contain peanut butter or peanut paste while the agency works to establish which products are tainted with the strain of salmonella typhimurium which has sickened 474 people nationwide and is implicated in six deaths.

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Peanut butter being recalled in Salmonella outbreak

Peanut Corporation of America on Tuesday voluntarily recalled peanut butter produced in its Blakely, Georgia processing facility because it could be contaminated with Salmonella food poisoning. The peanut butter being recalled is sold by PCA in bulk packaging to distributors for institutional and food service industry use. It is also sold under the brand name Parnell’s Pride to those same industries. Additionally, it is sold by the King Nut Company under the label King Nut.

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Minn. Confirms Tainted Peanut Butter Link to Salmonella Outbreak

Minn. Confirms Tainted Peanut Butter Link to Salmonella OutbreakLab tests on a tainted tub of peanut butter produced a genetic match to the strain of salmonella that has struck nationwide, Minnesota health officials reported Monday. Meanwhile, the victim toll has risen to 410 people in 43 states, according to U.S. health officials, who also said Monday that the illness may have caused three deaths.

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