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Diabetes drug Avandia to be pulled from retail shelves

The diabetes drug Avandia will be pulled from retail pharmacy shelves in November because it poses such a big heart attack risk, the federal government announced Tuesday. When the new program goes into effect on Nov. 18, only certified doctors will be allowed to prescribe the drug, and only to patients who’ve been informed of the risks and who will fill their prescriptions by mail order through specific pharmacies.

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FDA panel votes for new Tylenol, acetaminophen dosing rules for children

A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel has voted to recommend new dosing instructions for Tylenol and acetaminophen products for children under two years old. The agency is planning to draft new guidelines for drugmakers on instructions for giving acetaminophen to children in order to decrease the risk of overdose.

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J&J, Others to Revamp Children’s Pain Drug

In a move to curb overdoses of the pain and fever medicine acetaminophen, Johnson & Johnson and other drug makers will switch to a single concentration in their over-the-counter remedies for infants and children, according to three of the companies. The move will affect J&J’s Tylenol, Triaminic, manufactured by Novartis AG, and generic children’s medicines containing acetaminophen.

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Two Antidepressants Appear No Better Than One

Depressed patients who take two medications fare no better than those who only taken one, according to researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. In the nationwide study, three groups were formed according to treatment type and each was prescribed antidepressants already approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The first group took Lexapro and a placebo; the second group received the same drug along with Wellbutrin; and the third group took two different antidepressants: Effexor and Remeron.

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