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DePuy will pay $2.5 B to hip replacement victims

DePuy has waived its “walk-away rights” in a hip replacement settlement and will pay more than $2.5 billion to thousands of patients who were injured by DePuy ASR hip replacements. The decision to waive the rights means the company acknowledged that enough patients have agreed to the settlement.

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Doctors unaware of costs associated with faulty hip devices

A survey published in Health Affairs has found that few surgeons know the costs of the devices they are implanting, including devices like the DePuy ASR hip replacement. Of the 503 physicians who took the survey, only 21% were within 20% of the correct price of devices, despite more than 80% saying it is important for surgeons to know what devices cost.

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DePuy employee tells jury many hip implant complaints were diverted by company

DePuy’s complaint and vigilance manager has testified in the first DePuy hip lawsuit to go to trial that many patient complaints never formally got to his department. Paul Arnott testified that DePuy salesmen were instructing surgeons to send patients with complaints to another surgeon and not file a complaint with DePuy.

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Rochester woman to be in bellwether DePuy hip replacement trial

Ann McCracken’s DePuy lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson has been selected as one of two bellwether cases that may determine additional hip replacement lawsuits against the company. More than 7,000 patients have filed DePuy hip implant lawsuits against parent company Johnson & Johnson, alleging that the devices failed and led to injury.

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International lawsuit alleges injuries from DePuy hip replacements

A lawsuit filed in London by 60 South Africans alleges that DePuy hip replacements caused them serious injuries. The patients claim that the manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, allowed its subsidiary to release defective DePuy ASR hip replacements.

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In Medicine, New Isn’t Always Improved

A type of implants, known as metal-on-metal hips, were regarded by device makers and surgeons as a major advance over previous designs that used both metal and plastic. Now federal regulators and medical researchers are scrambling to determine how many implant recipients have been injured by the devices, which can shed dangerous metallic debris through wear.

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FDA approves DePuy ceramic-on-metal hip replacement

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a ceramic-on-metal total hip replacement manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics. The hip replacement is the first total hip replacement that uses a ceramic ball and metal socket.

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