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House inches toward oversight of compounding

Congress is wrangling with the issue of where to draw the line between state and federal oversight of large-scale compounding pharmacies in light of a series of infections — including a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak — linked to the facilities. There now appears to be general agreement the FDA needs more clear authority over compounding manufacturers — pharmacies that compound bulk supplies of drugs in advance of a patient prescription.

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St. Petersburg drug compounder recalls medications

A local compounding pharmacy has agreed to recall all its sterile drugs after a recent inspection uncovered potential safety problems, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday. Federal health inspectors discovered “exposed rust” and “numerous splattered brownish stains” on equipment used to prepare injectable drugs and eye medications at the Compounding Shop, raising the possibility that the medications could be contaminated.

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States take lead on compounding pharmacies

Several states are taking matters into their own hands to boost oversight of large-scale pharmacies like the one behind the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak last fall as the outlook for congressional action is somewhat murky. So far, 15 states have taken up bills to step up the regulation of facilities like the one linked to the outbreak.

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Meningitis outbreak: Bills mount as victims still suffer

Dozens of Tennessee residents continue to experience health problems and mounting expenses from the fungal meningitis outbreak more than six months after it began.  While many have filed lawsuits, most have been put on hold because the supplier of the tainted drugs filed for bankruptcy late last year.

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Chairman of Senate Health Committee pushes to tighten oversight of drug facilities

The Chairman of the Senate Health Committee has pledged to tighten oversight of drug compounding facilities like the New England Compounding Center (NECC) responsible for the deadly meningitis outbreak. Senator Tom Harkin made the commitment during a Senate hearing in which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was questioned on the fungal meningitis outbreak linked to the NECC.

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Health officials warning state officials and doctors to check company’s other drug shipments

The Food and Drug Administration has warned state officials and doctors to check hundreds of thousands of other shipments of drugs from the company responsible for the recent fungal meningitis outbreak. The health agency compiled a list of more than 130,000 drug shipments from the New England Compounding Center (NECC), whose steroid injection drug was found to be contaminated and the cause of at least 23 deaths and over 300 additional cases of illness.

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Toll from meningitis linked to steroid shots increases to 11 dead

The death toll from a rare form of fungal meningitis has risen to 11, officials said Tuesday, and they reported that 199 have now been sickened by an outbreak of the disease believed linked to contaminated steroid injections.

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