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Attorney Weighs in on Reglan Investigation

The number of people reporting Reglan adverse events, including tardive dyskinesia, has gone up drastically, according to Kathleen K. McGinn, attorney at Hissey Kientz, LLP. “We now have the fourth quarter data from the FDA,” McGinn says. “New cases of tardive dyskinesia or other movement disorders rose significantly in that time. They rose by more than 6 percent in the fourth quarter and more than 14 percent over the second half of 2008.”

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Video: Warning on Metoclopramide

FDA is requiring that manufacturers of metoclopramide add a boxed warning to the label about the risk of tardive dyskinesia if the drug is used for long periods of time or at high doses. Metoclopramide is marketed as a generic and under several trade names, including Reglan.

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FDA slaps warning on heartburn drug tied to spasms

Reglan metoclopramide side effectsFederal health officials are adding their sternest warning to a heartburn drug that has been linked to muscle spasms. The Food and Drug Administration said the drug, widely known as Reglan, has been shown to cause spasms and tics when used for long periods of time or at high doses. The problems include uncontrollable movement of the limbs, face and tongue, and are usually irreversible, even after patients stop taking the drug, according to the FDA’s warning.

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